Hyperjabber is a strange mélange of fiction, observation, memoir, speculation, fantasy, and essay. A literary anarchy for sure, but most posts are mercifully short. Topics include anything that catches my interest—books, music, shows, games, film, technology, philosophy, cathartic epiphanies, and the lint in my navel. It’s called Hyperjabber for a reason.

Until I gain more momentum, I plan to publish one post each Friday. Maybe a second post mid-week if I’m feeling prolific. Nearly all of Hyperjabber will be available with a free subscription. A paid option allows you to leave comments and interact with other readers. Eventually, I’ll probably add other benefits to the paid subscription tier, like a monthly AMA or something, but really the paid option is there so you fine readers can show support for the work I put into Hyperjabber and as a way to say “keep going!”

One thing I should point out is that Hyperjabber is an imaginative work. Please don’t read it as reportage or scholarship. I freely mix the real with the unreal, often in the same post or even the same sentence. Yes, I’m writing about my experience of reality, but my mind drenches that experience with metaphor, fiction, and revelations from fringe realities. Read Hyperjabber with your imagination. Take what you want and let it inspire your own creative interpretation of the world.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the jabber and that it’s not too hyper. Thanks for reading.

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Narrative concept art, imaginary novels, and speculative essays.


Wayward writer of flash fiction and lyric essays. Occasional musician and DJ. Aficionado of games and roleplaying. Current favorite word: circumflex.